Californian Rabbit

The Californian breed rabbit is the second most popular meat-producing rabbit in the United States. It was developed in the early 1920's by George West. Rabbit breeders in the United States crossed Himalayan breeds and the Standard Chinchilla rabbit breed and New Zealand Whites. The purpose of this breed was to have a good meat breed that also had good fur. The breed did not become popular for at least 15 years after development. The fur quality allows this rabbit to also be classified as a fancy breed.

They produce large litters of 8 to 12 kits, which has a fast growth rate to fryer size in 8 to 12 weeks. 

Many breeders like to breed a Californian doe with a New Zealand buck to produce a great "hybrid", terminal meat rabbit. Studies have shown that breeding in this manner produce slightly larger kits with the same amount of feed up to fryer size. They are considered terminal because breeding the offspring will not result in the same results. Because of this, if you wish to cross breed, you will need to keep purebred New Zealand Whites and Californians on stock as your breeders.

The Californians are a beautiful breed and an excellent choice for your rabbitry!

Californian Rabbit

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