Rabbits For Sale

We currently do not have any stock for sale to the public.

Our rabbitry is also off-site at an appropriate location (not at residence). This is one of many reasons it is a "closed" rabbitry. 

All of our rabbits are purebred and of the highest quality available! We take pride in offering great foundation stock quality in every rabbit sold.


⊱ Does & Bucks: Currently Unavailable to Public

We do NOT sell mature rabbits - only newly weaned between 4 to 6 weeks old. We sell out quickly so we rarely have the opportunity to keep them long enough to mature.

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PET FOOD (Rabbit Meat) 

Currently Unavailable to Public

*Not intended for human consumption.

If you are needing small rabbits for pet food we may be able to help. Whether you have a pet with special dietary needs, want to provide a more natural diet for your pet, or have birds of prey or a reptile that needs to eat, contact us! See if AZ Rabbits can help provide the needed nutrition for your pets. We can supply rabbits from 1  to 3 pounds. These are whole rabbits with fur and all internal organs in place, no broken bones or cut in any way. They are packaged frozen in individual bags. 

Price: $3.75 per pound

If you need skinned and gutted rabbits with the heads and feet removed, then frozen, we can do this as well. The price is the same per pound (live weight) plus $5 processing fee per rabbit. The hide, organs, head and feet will be disposed of by us or utilized in various ways to avoid waste.

Price: $3.75 per pound (live weight) + $5 processing fee

If you would like to set up a consistent purchasing schedule, let us know so we can meet your needs.

Contact us to make arrangements.


Before you purchase any rabbits from AZ Rabbits, you must first read over our Purchase Agreement. You will also be required to sign a copy at pickup. Please read the information below as it is the same as the form...


By purchasing a rabbit(s) from AZ Rabbits, I acknowledge and agree to the following policies:

New Zealand Whites

We currently sell purebred, newly weaned New Zealand White rabbits at AZ Rabbits at the age of 4 weeks and older. We do not sell mature breeders, unless otherwise stated.


Although we do keep very detailed records on all our rabbits, their pedigrees, breeding, litters, etc., we do NOT offer pedigrees to our customers.

Reservations / Deposits 

All sales are on a first come, first serve basis. A deposit is required to be added to the reservation list. Payments and deposits are non-refundable. 


CASH is the only accepted payment for rabbits (other than reservation deposit). Checks are NOT accepted

Holding Time

Your rabbit(s) will be reserved and held for up to 1 week past “available for pickup” date (the date the rabbit(s) are ready to be picked up). If rabbits have not been picked up by the end of the 1-week period, the rabbits will be considered abandoned and will be sold to the next reservation. There will be no refunds if you change your mind for any reason at any time, or if you do not pick up your rabbit(s) within the 1-week period. It is your responsibility to plan accordingly if you are coming from out of town. Special arrangements may be made for additional costs if cage space if available.


When dealing with Mother Nature, there are no guarantees. If you have paid for upcoming litters and the kindling did not happen or there was an unnaturally disproportioned ratio of does to bucks in the litters, you will be put at the top of the list for the next available litter. This is not a common occurrence, but is still a possibility. Again, refunds will not be issued even if your order is delayed.

Lineage Diversity

When you purchase a rabbit from AZ Rabbits, we will always sell rabbits from as many unrelated does as possible for the greatest diversity. We will strive to offer the greatest diversity of bucks as well. However, because of the limited number of bucks in any rabbitry, purchasing large quantities of rabbits from all unrelated does AND bucks is impossible. But we will always provide the greatest diversity possible and pair them up in a deliberate and strategic manner in order to ensure the greatest long-term breeding success for our customers. We are experienced breeders and will always provide the best matches possible.


Although we do not foresee any problems with proper sexing of rabbits, it is the buyer’s responsibility to double check and verify they are getting the gender of rabbit they are wanting before leaving with the rabbit. We are happy to show you how to check the sex of the rabbit when you arrive, but it is still your responsibility to double check. Taking home the wrong sexed rabbit will NOT result in replacement. The final responsibility is with the buyer! 


All of our rabbits are in good health when they leave our rabbitry. We take extra care to ensure they are in optimal condition and inspect our rabbits before selling them. Our reputation shows this to be the case. If there are any rabbits with questionable health, we do not sell these. It is your responsibility to inspect the rabbits before taking them home with you. Once they leave our rabbitry, we no longer have any control of their health, safety and well-being. Therefore, we do not give refunds.

Right of Refusal

We reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone for any reason, period. We also reserve the right to cancel a reservation without explanation. If any deposits have been made and we initiate the cancellation, we will issue a full refund.


All sales are final. However, if for some reason you no longer feel you can care for a rabbit(s) you have purchased from AZ Rabbits, contact us and we may be able to connect you with someone who would be willing to pick up the rabbit(s) for free and care for them. NO REFUND will be given, but we will make sure the rabbit is taken care of. Please do not abandon your rabbit in the wild. We are happy to help find a new home for your rabbit(s). Again, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Closed Rabbitry

We currently do not allow visitors to walk through our rabbitry or touch our breeding stock or cages. This is for many reasons. The main reason is to ensure our rabbits maintain good health and do not pick up any diseases or sickness from visitors.  We apologize for the extreme caution but hope that you understand and respect our policy. Doing this allows us to ensure you are receiving the healthiest, best quality rabbits possible and no sickness or diseases are spread. We have healthy rabbits and intend to keep them that way.


  • Studding – We do not stud out our bucks. No exceptions.
  • Pet Food – We offer whole, frozen rabbits between 1 to 3 pounds for pet food (dogs, birds of prey, reptiles, etc). Visit our website for up-to-date pricing.
  • Pelts – We will come and pick up your pelts (for free) if you were planning on discarding them, if your location is within a reasonable distance. Simply roll them up (skin facing out), put them in a Ziploc freezer bag, put them in your freezer and contact us. We do not buy pelts, but will take them and use them so no parts of the rabbit are wasted.
  • Seminars – We are happy to do rabbit seminars at offsite locations (within reasonable distance and with sufficient notice to allow scheduling) for a modest fee. Contact us to discuss pricing and requirements.


I have read, understand and acknowledge the policies within this Purchase Agreement.


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