The following calendar is for upcoming events that I'll be teaching. Most classes are less "lecture" and more "discussion". Doing this allows a better learning environment. Feel free to join us!

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Class Descriptions

Raising Rabbits

Description: Raising rabbits is a very effective method for home meat production. Not only is it one of the healthiest meats available, but is also very simple, takes very little space, is very quiet and has so many benefits that it's difficult to list them all. It is also very low cost and is more efficient in meat production than almost any other animal, including cattle. If you've ever thought about raising rabbits for meat production, you don't want to miss this class to both help you decide and also lead you in the right direction to get started!

Raising Chickens

Description: Raising chickens in every family's backyard was once encouraged by the government and enjoyed by many Americans throughout the years. Generations have raised them with great success. However, modern families have lost the basic skills enjoyed by our ancestors. This class will bring back those skills, whether you want to raise 4 or 5 for a few extra eggs, or if you want a much larger flock for greater production, money or fun. Enjoy the benefits of healthy, fresh eggs from your own backyard flock!

Alternative Cooking & Lighting

Description: We'll be discussing various alternatives to cooking in emergency and survival situations, both short term and long term. We'll go over pro's and con's of some of the popular systems, fuels, etc. and using a common sense approach. We'll also discuss alternative lighting methods including both commercially produced and home-made equipment. Don't miss out on this class as we present ideas and concepts we're confident you'll find extremely helpful!

Fire Starting & Keeping Warm

Description: This is a two part class that overlap in the topics. The first part is about fire starting using methods including ferro rods, flint & steel, char cloth, solar energy, etc. Firestarting tools will be demonstrated that will enable a person to start fires for the rest of their lives in a very small kit. These are invaluable skills of great value! We will also go over various fire structure, utilizing a fire to maximize heat and then finally various methods of keeping warm, particularly when less prepared than you should be.

Food Storage Basics

Description: This class will go over the basic concept of food storage and guide you in the right direction with a clear roadmap, specific to your individual needs. It will include helpful tips that will save you from making mistakes as well as various options with quantity requirements per person. We will also go over some tricks to help prolong your storage and save you money in the process. This will be extremely helpful for people in all levels of preparedness, from the beginner that has nothing to the individual who has a lot of supplies.

72-Hour Kits

Description: This class will go over the 72-hour kit, otherwise known as: BOB - Bug Out Bag, GOOD Bag - Get Out Of Dodge Bag, Go Bag, etc. If you had to leave town quickly, either by with or without prior notice, a bag of necessities may be all you have time to grab. It is critical that you have this bag prepared for these situations. However, with so many opinions and options out there, which is the best? We'll go over the various components and the benefits/weaknesses of many "popular" items. We'll discuss how to personalize your bag and maximize it's use. 

Water Storage & Purification

Description: Water storage is a critical part of any emergency preparedness plan. There are many options in water storage that can work in both small places (apartments & condos) and larger areas. There are many methods of capturing water, purification, etc. Some work with chemicals, metals, etc. and some filter out bacteria, viruses and dangerous pathogens. We'll discuss various aspects and get you better prepared to take action. It will also include recommendations for specific filters to guide you in the right direction.

Backyard Barnyard

Description: In this class we'll be discussing various options for raising animals in your backyard, even for those with very small yards. Some of these may include chickens, rabbits, quail, Muscovy ducks, dwarf goats, tilapia, etc, depending on the classes interests. We'll discuss the benefits involved and how easy it is for even the novice to become more self-reliant. This is not an in-depth class, but an overview of different options with new ideas.

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